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2016 Summer Comes to a Close

Like the picture of the ice cream stand at Sherman's (the glass has been removed pre-demolition), summers also come to an end. Please keep posting to this page.

Member input/thoughts/pictures etc. are important to share, so please continue to do so on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to next summer already!

The recent week has been wrought with devastation in our town, especially at Pine Lake. A picture of the edge of that cell going over West Caroga is attached. We want to wish everyone touched by this the best of luck with the recovery. We especially would like to thank Chief Deluca and the Caroga Volunteer Fire Department, as well as all responders and recovery/cleanup crews for their tremendous work in this intense situation.

Have a great rest of the summer and a happy and healthy life until I SEE YOU AROUND THE LAKE in 2017.

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