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About WCLA

We are a community concerned with the preservation and improvement
of the recreational and residential 
West Caroga Lake Area.  



In early August 1989 a group of approximately 10 people met at the Potocar's camp. It was decided to canvas the West Caroga Lake population to ascertain interest in forming an Association. A form was prepared for people to fill out and it was decided to have copies printed. Those in attendance were urged to seek others who would help in the canvassing. Thirty-eight people attended the second meeting in August at the Hopper's camp. At that time the West Caroga Lake area was divided among those in attendance for canvassing. Kevin Grygiel was asked to be Chairman.

An enthusiastic crowd of over 120 people gathered at the Caroga Lake Chapel for the third and last meeting of the 1989 season. The canvassing forms were collected and 272 people representing 182 camps/homes said yes to a West Caroga Lake Association. At this meeting concerns were discussed; it was decided to form a steering committee and there were volunteers for this; next meeting of West Caroga Lake Association was set for Memorial Day weekend, 1990; monetary donations were accepted to help the Association with beginning expenses. 

And the rest, as they say, is history...

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